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South African Businessman, Mr Singh’s Birthday Celebrations, An Epitome of Pomp, Funfair, Civility, Diversity and Excellence

Published 3 days ago  on Apr 6, 2021 ByBrian Kazungu Mr Jagjit Singh, His Wife and Kids Brian Kazungu, 06/04/2021 The birthday celebrations for South African businessman Jagjit Singh who is also known as the “Punjab Boy” which was held at The Royal India Restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg, on the 4th of April 2021, was an epitome of pomp, funfair, civility, diversity and excellence. Attended by people from various walks of life, including celebrities such as Sophie Lichaba and Llewellyn Cordier, Singh’s birthday which was also declared the JJ Singh Appreciation Day by the Africa Heritage Society, managed to bring South Africans together to celebrate a life of purpose. Mr Bongani Sibeko, South African film producer (SAWITA), the m...

Mr Jagjit Singh to Extend a Hand of Charity

Brian Kazungu, 30/03/2021 Mr Jagjit Singh, a South African businessman and Director of Public Engagements and Outreach for Connections2Communities (C2C), with interests in the hospitality industry including The Royal India Restaurant in Sandton is dedicating his birthday to raise money for cancer patients. “This year, on my birthday, I want to mobilize funds for cancer patients. I appeal to all those that can partner with me on this cause to do so as this means a lot to me. I believe that the issue of cancer is a problem which is worthy our collective attention and effort. We can all play a part in making sure that we live in a society which is cancer free. Some people can create an awareness on the dangers and solutions associated with cancer so that those who can fund for the related res...

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